Welcome to Beacon for Lightworkers

Hello and welcome to Beacon for Lightworkers! 

We have many treasures to share with you, all intended to inspire, encourage and assist you in re-membering the Sovereignty and Divinity that resides within your Be-ing; your infinite Soul.

As recently as 2003 I identified myself as an Evangelical Christian.  My truths and beliefs of who I am, who “God” is and why we are all “here” has shifted dramatically.  As my Consciousness continues to expand, my truths and beliefs continue to shift.  I have learned the benefits of no longer identifying who I am by my truths and beliefs.  Who I am as a Soul cannot fully fit into physical structure or any thought-based structure.  Nor does the God that I know fit into any one religion.  These do not own me nor identify me any longer.  I choose my truths and beliefs as I proceed in this magical and wondrous experience of humanity, allowing my Soul to guide my experience and the Universe to work with me in this process.  It has become a beautiful dance, a sharing and exchanging of energies that has allowed me to experience amazing levels of joy, abundant love and deep inner peace.  I believe we are each capable of creating this type of journey for ouselves.  Love, joy, inner peace and Divine harmony are our natural states in the higher realms.  Our unique opportunity at this phase of humanity is to bring more of Home (the heavens) here to our physical journey which I've been experiencing now since 2009.  It isn't 24/7 but it is becoming more and more consistent. 

I have re-membered how to directly experience and partner with my Guardian Councils, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, Ambassadors from various Star Systems across the Cosmos and other aspects of Source Consciousness from the highest realms.  They feel like family.  It is your birthright, as a fellow Sovereign Be-ing to know your human-ness is but one layer of your eternal, loving, whole Self.  There is so much love for us, so much honor for our human experience, especially when it comes to embodying during these unprecedented transitions of Ages.  

We are volunteers, each of us.  We are not experiencing humanity because we weren’t good enough to stay in Heaven.  We are select, embodied representatives of our various Starseed families from across the Cosmos.  We are Master level Souls.  We are Specialists.  It takes some adjustment to allow this higher sense of Self into our energy fields and our consciousness.  And, it is entirely worth it, as I’ve personally experienced.  

We have much to share with you!  The Articles and Videos section offers hundreds of gifted messages, all of them archived.  The online classes, Embracing the New Energies are expansive and very supportive for those seeking to know and be unconditional love and to raise their vibration, expand their consciousness and experience one-ness with Source Creator that is beyond religion, and a version of God that is judgmental.  Interviews I've done are another great starting point, since broadcasters tend to ask a wide variety of questions that help us share who we are and what we offer.  Private sessions are available for those who desire more personal consultation on your specific opportunities/challenges, as well as specific activations and healing to assist in reaching your next phase of expansion and re-membering.  Follow your inner guidance, your heart, always.  Trust You.

It is my honor to partner with you.  I consider my services sacred work.  Assisting you in more closely experiencing your inner Divinity is life-changing.  And We, all of us in this evolutionary expansion, are the Change Agents. 

Namaste (I honor you),
Jill Renee Feeler