About Jill Renee Feeler

I guess I like to do things my own way -- I'm sensing you resonate with that.  My spiritual support team from the higher realms called me a "sleeper"...I am a starseed with what they call access to the higher vibrational realms who, prior to 2009, was not yet conscious of it...  Prior to June 2008, I didn't know what a spirit guide was. 

In June 2008 my spirit guides and my Higher Self pretty much tricked me into receiving my first psychic reading.  I was an MBA with a successful business career, a beautiful family and a very happy life.  Two very different business opportunities had me stuck in indecision.  Tragic, right?  My sister in law recommended I see her psychic to assist me with my indecision.  A psychic?  To help me figure out the best path for my business career?  As ridiculous as it sounded, I was in the psychic's waiting area a few days later.  Several seeds were planted from that experience and what I thought was oh so important became quite irrelevant as a result of what she shared with me.  She talked about my connection to various beings from the higher realms, my contracts with my children, my Soul's experience and my ability to experience profound, deep spirituality in this journey.  See?  My guides tricked me ( grin  ).  As a result of this experience, my energy began to shift and my consciousness began to expand. 

As a result of my shifting, the world around me began to behave differently, seemingly more magical and more beautiful.  I could feel more and allow my analytical, well trained brain to relax more.  My children shifted, and I noticed more of their interdimensional wisdom and abilities that were probably there all along but I hadn't noticed or couldn't see previously.  My youngest daughter clearly demonstrating telepathy.  My older daughter recalling that a car near us was just like the one Grandma had... before my daughter was born...  My rigid walls of reality and what was possible were melting in my hands and I was somehow ok with it all, embracing a sense of wonder and anticipation of what else would be shown to me by the Universe.

in Feb. 2009 I was somehow led to a psychic development workshop.  How I ended up there I still don't quite know but there I was, somehow feeling like I was supposed to be there, wanting to know more about what my daughters were displaying and the supposed deep spirituality I had access to.  The second meeting we would use psychometry to provide readings to unknown other participants in the room.  The teacher, David Aikens, gave us instructions, including to just write down everything we were getting by holding another person's jewelry "without thinking."  Without thinking?  Thinking was what I did best!  Ayn Rand was my hero!  Rationality and Intellectual pursuits were my passion.  My Higher Self had another experience in mind for me, starting on that day.

I quickly learned that I had another guidance system other than my well-trained brain.  I held someone's ring and was flooded with an even flow of steady information about the owner, her past, her present, her future, her finances, her emotional well-being, experiences in her journey, her personality, etc.  I had a page full of single spaced handwritten notes, coming to me from inside my Self, from God to help assist this other person in their beautiful journey.  I was shown by my spiritual support team from the higher realms whose ring it was.  I was confident about the information I received, not shy at all about sharing when it was my turn.  I shared feelings and sensations in my body and David helped me de-code what they meant for this woman and her experience.  She was on the other side of the room with her beautiful jaw open, tears streaming down her face and I was very emotional, too, feeling her feelings. This experience felt so natural, like I'd done this before.

Needless to say, they didn't teach me any of this in MBA school and none of this fit with what I knew to be real or true or possible.  Yet, it was.  This was happening.  I was doing this, not "knowing" how yet clearly being shown by what I call my team another side of my abilites here on Earth as Jill.  I wasn't even very clear about how I ended up in this class yet it all was perfect.  I was supposed to be there.  How else was my team and my Higher Self going to show me the many other sides to me that I hadn't yet known existed?

I left that night amazed.  Amazed at myself, amazed at God, amazed at this reality we call Earth, just completely blown away and completely hooked on the experience of going with In to learn, to experience, to serve others and expand my Self.  I offered to give intuitive sessions to many, many people from that day on -- family, open-minded friends, open-minded friends of friends, other people I met in the class, etc.  I quickly realized I didn't need jewelry and then didn't need photos and then didn't need the other person present to connect with their energy and share whatever their team wanted to share with them.  That continued throughout 2009, providing practice sessions in person, over the phone, via email, etc.  I loved working with energy and connecting with the higher realms in this way and the assistance it offered others.  Also, in the process of my sharing my Self in this way, I felt my vibration rise dramatically. 

Within months of the Feb. activation, I began channeling via automatic writing, practicing with meditation and practicing the sharing of energy with intentions of healing.  On Sept. 9, 2009, while in meditation I could feel a message developing from my team and I was prompted to get my phone to record a live message.  Prior to that I had only been utilizing automatic writing to receive.  The energy and message in the audio recording was so beautiful, loving, encouraging and inspiring.  I loved the experience of feeling a message develop from with-In my being and the sensation of my human brain being excited to hear it.  Channeling has been a significant part of my connection to the higher realms and I enjoy this part of my experience very much.  

All of that trusting and allowing and experiencing has led me to now.  I am a spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, writer and inspirational figure for many seeking to access their God-self in their current journey.  I am incredibly joy-filled about life and the human experience, allowing the love of God to fill me up endlessly and overflow at will.  Nothing I learned in any religious teachings could have prepared me for the very real and very personal connection to God I now know.  This is available to all of us.  It does take trust.  It does take an open mind and an open heart, allowing God and the Universe to guide you... perhaps to a psychic (smile) like my own introduction to interdimensional experiences or whatever else will help you reach your next phase of expansion in this journey. 

My other major roles in this journey include wife, mother and recently retired business professional.  My young daughters keep me on my toes, and laughing a lot.  As a recovering control-freak, they have helped me remember my true self, the world and the limitless possibilities we have to find joy and forgiveness in every moment.  I honor my role as mother and am so appreciative of the gifts and lessons my children and I exchange with each other.  They provide a beautifully clear mirror for me to examine myself and my journey, giving me unconditional room to make all necessary adjustments along the way.  My Mother had a plaque on our kitchen wall growing up that I didn't fully appreciate until I became a parent in my early 30s. It stated, "Children are not things to be molded but are People to be unfolded."  Thanks to all the Moms who are supporting their children's unfolding.  I send love and blessings to all parents, that they can appreciate the uniqueness of their own children, recognizing them as a soul who happens to be in a small frame at this time, to be honored, protected and loved unconditionally.  I also send them the insight that this unconditional love is initiated and nurtured by first finding it for yourself. 

I left my career in corporate America in May 2011 giving me more flexibility with my heart’s interest in my family, friends and all things spiritual/quantum/metaphysical.  My “3D career” started with my bachelors degrees in finance and economics and I earned my MBA in the late 90s.  I have taught corporate finance at the university level and managed global projects involving hundreds of talented professionals from around the globe coming together for a common goal.  My career has included working in the financial, healthcare and high-tech industries. I appreciate that part of my journey and realize the role it played and I now welcome this interdimensional experience part of my journey that has since been unfolding.

My consciousness has been allowed to expand far, far beyond mass consciousness and at this point I can see that my teachings and messages shared are not meant for everyone.  I have a very unique approach in my connection to God.  It was not taught to me by another human nor from anything I read or studied.  That was not my path in this journey.  My path was to go withIn and re-member who I am, as a Soul, and why I am here and what is taking place for humanity and the planet amidst this Great Shift many call Ascension, we call upliftment.  It is human evolution underway, starting with our selves. 

If you feel resonance with what is shared here, I look forward to assisting you in your re-membering process. 

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