Private Sessions with Jill

In private sessions, you and I access "my team" as well as Your Highest Self, your spiritual support team which includes Angelic realms, Spirit Guides and Guardians, etc.   We can call upon beings from your journey who have transitioned as well; I access their Highest Self for the most helpful wisdom and insights.

At its core, sessions are filled with love and encouragement, often helping you see a challenge or obstacle from a new perspective so that you can move forward in your journey with increased clarity, confidence and inspiration. 

I cannot tell you what will happen, predicting your future, because you haven't created it yet.  I won't tell you what to do because I honor your authority and Sovereignty in your journey.  I'm happy to offer guidance and insights as well as probabilities and possibilities based on how the energies are being set in motion in your journey. 

We are like a consultant to the CEO.  You are the CEO.  We are your cheerleader and further support when you hit a snag in your re-membering process.  We are wise counsel, offering another perspective of your team when you feel you can expand farther by receiving it.  This level of support is my honor and joy to provide to you, as it honors Your Sovereignty and encourages your own further expansion.  I am not desiring to be a crutch for you in your amazing journey and upliftment.

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Jill's private sessions are 50 USD per 15 minutes increments.  Sessions are done via phone or Skype.  Each session includes a digital recording.