Can you please respond to my email (personal questions and amazing personal experience/story)?

I'm balancing a lot, as I know you are, too.  I'm actually not set up to go into your experiences/challenges apart from a private session (I get so many amazing messages with cool stories as well as personal challenges and I try to be consistent in this approach).  Trying to find the balance as I feel led. 

If you are interested in a private session, great.  If not, we offer hundreds of gifted articles, videos and such to help you feel more at ease with your interdimensionality and your ability to go within your own God frequencies for answers, wisdom and profound insights.  We all have the ability to expand far beyond our limited five human senses and into the vast wisdom and love and healing available from within our own, specially designed Divine frequencies.  These energies are within, infinite and accessible to you.  My mission is to offer many different concepts and re-membered truths and beliefs to assist you in personally accessing your own unique Divine frequencies.  You hold a unique and valuable part of this overall upliftment of humanity and my intent is to offer what I can to assist you in accessing You, because we all benefit from that process.  Your role is special, so we all win from your accessing and being your Authentic Self.  

Trust your heart for what you feel led towards, trusting it can be used for your further expansion.

If I do my mission really well, I'll put myself out of a job grin and just bask and Be in the amazing, uplifted experience we've all created on Earth. 

This website is where you can find all the gifted info as well as private session info, online classes, a documentary, etc.


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What is _____________ ?

Full question:  Hi Jill,  Love your videos! You mentioned the blue dots in one of you vids a while back and I was wondering if you know what they are or mean, Thanks!  Peace and Love

Answer:  I sense they can mean different things to each of us and there are layers to even these meanings. 

To me, they mean visually experiencing dimensions beyond the third, which is always fun. 

To me, they are like energy packets and/or beings in my field either observing me or interacting with me, even if I'm not conscious of the connection taking place.  Everything is energy so the visual "space" we see between us and everything else is already an illusion as there is no void of energy, there is no nothing ness. 

It is fun to ponder what actually is in the "space" between us and all the things in our Earthly awareness.  Can we let the energy of this illusory "space" be as energetically real, rich, and nourishing and loving as our loved ones?  Our animal companions?  Our favorite tree?  

So beautiful Soul, what do you feel they mean to you? Can this be your truth?  The answer is within.  Assign it a meaning for the time being, perhaps and then play with it over time.  Playful Creation.  This is what Masters Do.  

Original dimension of questions we most often ask as Humans:  "What is the Answer?"  
Masterful questions:  "What Do I want this to mean to me?"


I hope that helps grin

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Jill, who is your teacher?  Where did you learn what you share?

I trust it was by design that I was activated in 2009 and that I did not have a human teacher or guru to fill me up with their truths and beliefs. I did not have a set defined playbook of "this is how things are" that was the product of another's beliefs. That was/is not my path. My guru/master/teacher is my Team which includes my Higher Self. Others have assisted me and it is mainly as a trigger for further downloads I receive from my Team. When I hear something I don't resonate with it leads me on a wonderful path of Why that is not My truth and an amazing explanation of the frequencies being utilized to form their truths and why they believe what they believe and why I believe what I believe, at my Core... When I hear something I do resonate with, I am uploaded with another layer or a deeper application of that. It blows me Away and I love it!!!! I love the process we have All set up for this Shift!!! My purpose is to share new information for the Platinum Age and I see so clearly that many, many of us are resonating with this higher vibrational information. ** We all asked for it and we each play a role in bringing these higher frequencies in. ** I get to play a role as messenger.  Each of us is a valuable member of this Ground Crew, or you and me and everyone else wouldn't be here ♥ This is why the messages to more and more of us feel so comfortable, so natural and so familiar and yet not of this world. It's like " I know this, at my Core. Oh Yes, I re-member..." We know another way to Be and it is not yet demonstrated outside of us in the Earthly reality, at least not the vast majority of the time. That is because the Shift is in process. We don't have many human models for how to be the New Human, based on our team's dreams and hopes for humanity and Earth. That is why Masters are sent on these assignments. Masters Look With-In. We must look within for the model to Be the New Human. The codes for it are with-In and the messages we share assist in activating those stored codes and energies from Home. Be-ing the New Human ♥

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How can I trust myself more?  I like to have proof and this seems to block my Spiritual Experiencing

Ahhhh...  the brain's desire for proof.  I totally get that, being a strong thinker myself.  

We share a lot of messages to assist others in shifting out of the human brain's thinker/analyzer/"prove it to me" approach to creating one's reality.

Some particular recommendations:
 - The DVD, "The Platinum Age:  Creating the New Earth"
 - The Online Classes
 - and several articles:
     * Evolving Beyond the Five Senses

     * Addressing Others Concerns on the Validity of Channeling

     * New Energies:  Higher Light Quotient and Expanded Consciousness

     * Which Voice Wins

I hope these resources are helpful.  It takes some re-wiring and utilizing our energy fields very differently to personally experience our God essence and the connection we have to Source.  From my experience, this process is not intellectual and cannot be achieved through the rational, logical and linear approach of our beautiful, left-hemisphere dominant, human brain. 



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Can you re-send me my Session Recording

When possible, I send out sessions using regular email.  Sometimes your mail server or mine considers the audio file recording too large.  In those instances I use a system called YouSendIt. 

1 -  Please check your Spam folder.  Session recordings sent to you from YouSendIt may have gotten marked as Spam by your mail server.

2 -  YouSendIt links expire.  It's very important to save the linked file to your hard drive so that you have continued access to it after the link expires.

2 -  Contact me and ask me to send you another link to your session recording.  At times YouSendIt mailings don't get to you although I sent them.

3 -  It's very possible I still have your session securely stored.  Even if your session was a long, long time ago, I won't be bothered if you ask me to send it again.

I hope that helps!

Love and blessings,


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How can I schedule a Private Session?

I use a very convenient online scheduling system, allowing you to see what is available, make a selection and then make payment. 

Link to Private Session information and Scheduling system is here

Looking forward to a session with you!

Love and blessings,


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Paying with Debit or Credit Cards

Paypal allows you to purchase using your PayPal account and also allows you to use your debit or credit card. 

1 -  Select items for purchase

2 -  Obtain Paypal Screen

3 - Look towards bottom right of screen for "Don't have a Paypal Account?"

4- Select it, allowing you to make payment using your credit or debit card as a PayPal guest. 

I hope that helps grin

Love and blessings,

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