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Gaia Channeling from June 28, 2011

Author: Jill

on July 10, 2011


Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth shares how she feels the Ascension process is proceeding, how she is be-ing, and many other insights that help us better understand what she experiences as a planetary consciousness hosting each of us sharing this experience of life with her. She also...

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Ascension and 2012 Channeling July 5, 2011

Author: Jill

on July 07, 2011


Channeled message on Ascension and 2012 (see audio link), reflecting updates and recommendations for how to utilize the New Energies in your personal Ascension process.  As always, use your discernment for what feels true for you.  Namaste

Meditation to Clear Lower Frequencies from your Energy Field

Author: Jill

on July 06, 2011


This meditation is to help us clear our energy fields from Lower Frequency Energies.  Enjoy and please repeat as often as needed, daily perhaps until you feel clear of any perceived darkness. 

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