Connecting with our Cosmic Family

Last week we were assisted by Metatron in dissolving any contracts we had made that are out of alignment with the Platinum Age blueprints.  If you missed that, you may feel led to go back and do that and the Gaia message the week before.  Very powerful processes and it is having a Huge effect for many of us.  Now that we've prioritized and cleaned up our cosmic contracts for this Ascension experience, we are ready to further connect with our cosmic family...

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Posted by: NB Sanders  on  July 13, 2012


Cosmic family greetings,
Just was getting used to accepting the reality that
expectations are never going to be met with blood family and then the fresh wind of loving energy from cosmic family there for us in every conceivable way I am at home. And you are a light body shining out from a flat screen and the information is coming from and relative to every civilization everywhere and everywhen.  It comes down to all we ever have is each other and we are so grateful..thankyou, Jill and company. much love from deep in the heart of Texas, NBS

Posted by: Maryanne Brunetti  on  September 06, 2012


ThankYou for this LOVEng HeartCentred Soul Message smile)))))) You are a Light!  ThankYou to Your Team smile)))) I am sure this resonates on many levels for many ...  Namaste & Angel Blessings

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