Creating New Boundaries_Lightworkers and Starseeds

Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, the Pioneers of this upliftment/ascension process. By accessing your Soul's Mastery and aligning with your God frequencies withIn, we stretch the boundaries of what is possible, what is real, what is true. We will share further insights and support for this very important role you uniquely play.

Show airs live Tuesdays at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London (please check time zone converter for your region) at

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Posted by: Captain Bruce Lewis  on  May 01, 2012


Thank you
  Dear Jill “Renee”
  THANK YOU for such UP-lifting & Enlightening Energys ~!

Capt-B- here -<<< in THE NOW >>>-  AND How you ““Be”” today?
  Well Indeed,,,
i was up all night- last night -til the morning & 2/3 thirds the following day~~ viewing your videos & history
  May i say from one Starseed to Another~~~
  my team are most wonderful,,,to have guided me to your PRESENCE ,,,
  the Sycronistys are Amazing~~~
I am a retired Sea Captain living in Pacfic Grove Ca
ON “” LIghthouse Ave”“
  near the oldest Working Lighthouse on Pacific coast USA,,
Ther are <NO Accidents> In that ““I SEE YOU”” AS -BEING_ a”“MOST WONDERFUL”” ~~~ Beacon of lOVING LIGHT ~~~~~
  ,AND a Lighthouse—Unto all Light workers~~
my Mother was from Minninnsota & i still have many relatives there
Myself however,,I was Born in twin Falls Idaho/
  I wish to know of my Starseed Family origins & how to open clarity of contact to them & my ““MY Team”
  i dont have a open, speecking dialog with ither of them,,as what you have—-
  I open My Heart to ,,Yours ,,,Sending my LOVE & LIGHT
Namaste from~~just me~~  oL CAPT_B

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