Expanding Further into Unity Consciousness

"Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing.  We offer our unique perspective on the Cosmic relationship to your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages on Earth. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her roles while also being within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.

Let us begin with this sharing session.

All Are Light.  Everything is Light, at it's Source, the core essence of it's energy.  We are referring to identity, not experiences.  In realities such as Earth, you have the select and chosen opportunity to experience Separateness from the Light that you Are.  

We notice many on their spiritual path believe in more of a yin yang approach of All Are One, interpreting that you are both Dark and Light.  This perspective may even include a truth that everything is a combination of All the Dark and All the Light.  Have you noticed that by blending Light and Dark, this produces a shade of gray; a mix or blend of Darkness along with Light that is neither fully Dark nor fully Light?  

We understand this interpretation.  We can easily see why it is a perception of All that Is, held from a Separation experience like Earth in a Dark Age cycle.  It is not our truth.

Is "Heaven" a perfect blend of Light and Dark, to You?  Does this resonate with you, at your Core?  Is Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, the ArchAngels, "God", "Source" a blend of Light and Dark as they exist in other dimensional states of being?  Is a mixture of Light and Dark what these forms of Source Consciousness experience in the higher, faster frequencies available in the non-physical realms, amidst Unity Consciousness?  Please take your time with this for it is very important to the overall Ascension process underway...

What if You are only Light?  

What if Your Light's re-membering in this Ascension process longs and nurtures only for the Light that it Is?  

Can you give yourself permission that in the midst of Separation, not everything displayed and animated is Light?  That not everything offered is nurturing to your Light, is honoring to your Light?  What you experience is your Choice.  All that is offered in a Great Shift must be considered and discerned as to what is conducive to Your personal Ascension.  

From our perspective, there is no “Dark”; there are ways of experiencing your Self in states of separation such that you feel separate from the Light that you Are and the Light of All that Is.  A physical, human reality on Earth in a Dark Age cycle is one such place of experiencing Separation.

All That Is, as we know it, is a challenging concept to consider and emulate while experiencing the heaviness and density of Separation.  And yet, with the more light-based frequencies flooding the Earthly realms, this knowingness is being restored and more available.  

In the re-membering and Ascension process you Own your Light, not feeling responsible for "owning" Separation.  

Separation is experiencing lack of Light, by forgetting that you Are Source.    

“Darkness” is not part of the All that Is.  Separation is an Experience that can be chosen by the All that Is.  It is not a part of it’s personality.  It is not something for the All that Is to “heal” and “own” and “take responsibility for”.  

For those beings who chose Separation, who chose to forget they Were and Are Light, there are lower frequency vibrations and density to recognize, face, re-consider what it is and what it means and then Release in order to Ascend.  

Let’s consider the word Release... or Re-Lease...


The definition of a lease is a contractual agreement calling for the lessee (experiencer) to pay or owe the lessor (landlords/oversee-ers) for use of an asset.  

One can consider the Dark Age cycle on Earth that you are transitioning out of as an experience of Separation, which is an * Asset * to the All that Is.  After all, there aren’t too many places where you can forget that you Are God.

Each being who experienced this Separation game is a lessee, who has made a contractual agreement with this reality, abiding to the rules of this Game.  

This Game included Cosmic experiments and projects related to Separation and they were overseen by various Cosmic groups and such (landlords).  

In a Shift, the Leases are re-evaluated and the roles and vibrations and frequencies for what experiences are offered, change/shift according to the dawning Age and it’s associated blueprints.  

*You are able, at this time, for this Shift to Re-lease any and all contracts associated with Separation.*  

Re-Lease can mean 1) “sign me up again”, in a reality where Separation and Lack of Light is still part of the Age/present cycle or it can mean 2) “I’m done with Separation, thanks for the ride, I’m returning to the One-ness in Light that I am in my infiniteness”.  For Ascension, this second option is actually your responsibility.  And another meaning for responsibility is responding to your abilities.  As Master level souls, your abilities are vast, which is why you volunteered to participate as a valuable member of the Ground Crew.  We don’t send rookies to Shift an Age, especially when it is a unprecedented Shift.

In your Infinite-ness, you Are a full and whole Being of Light.  You are not a blend of Light and Dark.  You are not a blend of Separation and All that Is.  You are All that Is.  

Separation, commonly referred to as “Darkness” is not a part of your infinite identity.  It is an experience.  

This truth is Cosmic.  It is necessary for This truth to be the personal truth of anyone who desires Ascension, being done with all contracts of this receding Dark Age cycle.

Do not be fooled nor pressured into believing that Lack of Light, also known as Darkness is a condition of the All that Is that must be brought with you in all realities and in all experiences as a Sovereign Being.  The lack of light experience is unique to Earth in a Dark Age cycle and to the other journey-ing places of slower, denser experiences in certain cycles.  

To be done with and complete (to Ascend from) a Dark Age, one must release any and all attachments to the Dark Age, into the Oneness of complete, pure and whole Light that you Are.  In the Ascension process, your records and experiences of the Dark Age cycle are cataloged and documented, but you cannot bring those frequencies of Separation, of “darkness” with you.  They are not “who you Are”.  They were what you were experiencing.  

For those with the belief that you need to embrace the “Darkness” as a part of who you Are, that you need to love it and allow it, please recognize this also is a Dark Age program... a loop for continuing a Dark Age.  This would be akin to saying a clean house needs to also contain all the cobwebs, all the dust, all the dirt, all the mold in place in order to be whole and complete.  Your Soul is like the clean house, pure and bright and owning it’s identity of being, fully and completely Light.  In the process of forgetting you were and are Light, you were able to experience cobwebs, dust, dirt, mold, decay, etc.  It is not bad nor good to desire or allow these things but they are not who you Are.  To identify with them is to delay or postpone your personal Ascension.  Depending on your goal in this experience, that is important to consider.  Not all are ready to release their Dark Age experience, as exemplified by these various truth systems.  Your truths are offering you value, or they wouldn’t be your truths.  

When You are ready, embracing your identity of 100% Light is available, to each and every one of you.  It cannot be forced, for Free Will remains.  It cannot also not be done on anyone else’s behalf.  Ascension is a one by one, personal process, and it happens in each being’s divine time, very much related to the roles and mission each chose to experience and share with the collective.

This is such a very very special experience and such a wondrous time to be embodied on Earth, our beloved Gaia.  

Thank you for playing the unique role that you play.  Many are here to assist you but we remind you that you must ask for assistance and help.  It is our honor to assist you in whatever your spiritual or personal goals may be.  We willingly support the Ground Crew of this shifting Age on Earth, helping the Masters remember their Mastery.  

Infinite love and blessings to each of you, this beloved Ground Crew,

The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler”

Copyright ©2012 by Jill Renee Feeler and Beacon for Lightworkers LLC. This material is protected by US and international copyright and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, www.beaconforlightworkers.com are included.

Jill Renee Feeler is a spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, writer, and inspirational figure for many seek-ing to access their God-selves in their current journey. Jill guides others to create and access the New Earth into all aspects of their personal realities.  She offers a weekly global webinar, a DVD "The Platinum Age:  Creating the New Earth", online classes, intuitive sessions and many no cost videos and written articles. Learn more about Jill at www.beaconforlightworkers.com.


Posted by: Janine (NZ)  on  October 11, 2012


WOW, so many God-bumps.  All that is not serving my purpose is Re-leased. Welcome 100% light, I’ve missed you.

Posted by: Petra Brandenburg  on  October 12, 2012


Hi Jill,
to be honest: I don´t really understand your message. What you mean by “light” and “darkness” in this context. These words are very general and abstract terms. They sound to me like terms of the old “black” and “white”, “good guy”-“bad guy” paradigm which is part of the 3D-game. Could you please give an everyday example what you consider as being “dark”?

And who is the target group of this message? I think no one would consider himself/herself as clinging to anything dark by free will. He or she either does not consider her own behaviour/attitude as being “dark” or he/she does, but does not know how to break free from it. So what does it help to tell anyone that he/she cannot ascend bringing any frequency of the “dark ages”? Is that not somehting that is self-understood since “ascension” means transcending the “dark ages”? The question is how it will come to pass.

Posted by: Ronalo  on  October 13, 2012


I have to say Jill this really hits the nail on the head…...the urgency and no-nonsense approach of the Guardians is palpable! The information presented is like a sword cutting to the heart of the matter and not wasting any time! For those with eyes to see and ears to hear this IS a very important missive and really needs to be read with a one-pointed-mind and pondered for further illumination and insight.  There IS no time to lose…..what are we waiting for?

Thank you Jill and ‘The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray’

Posted by: vincent  on  October 15, 2012



Posted by: Petra Brandenburg  on  October 15, 2012


Hi Jill,
I am back agein: I got what your message means to me now. It was about discernment, not about judgement. I found the places in me that are of less light. Not because they are “bad”, but because I am compromising in some way and not letting my full light in. I knew about them before and it was me who attached a “good/bad” button on them before. My new approach allows for a more neutral perspective. As if looking on a picture, saying: “Oh, I would prefer to have some brighter color in there”, without beating me up for the creation I chose before.
Thank you!
(I assume there are many more layers to your message. But that is what I understand NOW and it complements my “left brain” message from october 12th. It may sound funny, but looking back it feels as if the first message I wrote to you was relly addressed to my-self. It was as if my left brain part asked the question to my broader self, which came up with the answer. That´s fun!)

Posted by: Lauren Coriell  on  October 15, 2012


I appreciate this so very much. It is profound to finally see the words that perfectly illustrate how I have been feeling for quite some time. Finally!! Thank You ALL THAT IS!!!

Posted by: Ronalo  on  October 15, 2012


I had trouble myself when I first read the message. I decided to wait. I found it posted on another site and read it again. It was a lot more clearer then and the brilliance of the message really shined through!

The very heart of it is the confusion amongst Light Workers, Star Seeds, Indigo’s…...between WHAT we truly ARE (which is, always was, and ever will be 100% pure light of Creator, All That Is, God Force ! )  And WHAT we are EXPERIENCING…...deepest black to every shade of gray…......is just that and that alone….an EXPERIENCE! Two totally separate issues NOT to be confused.

Now that being said, many of us Light Workers think we need to own it. We need to heal it. We need to transform it. We need to embody it. In order to be COMPLETE.  Which of course is Baloney! BECAUSE it is JUST AN EXPERIENCE…....it is NOT WHO and WHAT we are!

We always were WHOLE or as Jill and the Guardians so beautifully say ‘We are 100% Light’.......no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!  Whether we like it or not. Whether we think so or not. Whether we believe we are or not! Does not matter one iota…...

The Truth of the matter is We are That!

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