Integration of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as our Consciousness Expands

Divine Feminine? Divine Masculine? The more I allow my own expansion the less attached I become to the concept of gender in my experiencing the higher levels of consciousness. In pondering this topic, I asked Gaia ("Mother Earth") this morning if she identifies with both divine masculine and divine feminine energies. Her response? Of course. In my experience presently, the Sun is not "male", the Earth is not "female" they are both, they are whole-ness in their God frequencies at their highest frequencies which is how I choose to experience their consciousness.

Mind bender...

We love gender identification and our languages across the globe amplify this part of our experience, wanting us to classify almost everything as he or she grin At our highest levels of consciousness, the closer we allow our energy fields to access Source frequencies in their purest form possible to each of us, we notice we are both, we are whole, we are perfect.

When we allow ourselves to make our stage of energy and experience to be limitless, we also escape beyond the many, many boundaries we often place on ourselves. The beautiful integration of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in our consciousness allows us to access even more wisdom, more light, more of our pure God essence.

Am I still in a female form/bodysuit on Earth? Of course, and loving that, too grin Do I allow my energetic awareness and consciousness to receive and integrate beyond just this physical form? Yes grin My form is a suit, it is not who I am. In the higher realms we also sometimes choose a more masculine or more feminine looking form and yet we allow ourselves to be so much more than that ♥ Limitless-ness, ahhhhhhh ♥


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