June 12 2012 Global Meditation:  Releasing our Attachment to the Dark Ages

Last week a dear Soul Sister, Maria, and I were mutually sharing information we were receiving and experiencing with our spiritual support teams.  She was sharing that we are ready to further release our attachments to the Dark Ages and she envisioned a meditation to assist us in that process that many lightworkers around the globe would experience on June 12, 2012.  I resonated strongly and agreed to participate in this beautiful releasing process.  She shared the following message from her team and allowed us to edit only as needed. 

I sense this will assist us in ushering in even purer levels of light and love for the upcoming June Solstice.  Thank you for participating.  Thank you for sharing this broadcast and meditation with others.  The ripple effect from this experience, shared globally, will be powerful, magnificent and very much in divine time.  And so it Is. 

Thank you again to Maria and her team for allowing us to be a part of this process, sharing it with you.

Love and blessings,


Recorded Message here.

Written form of introduction, intention and meditation is below:


“Dear all, we are a collective energy composed by: many of your own higher selves, many of what you call Ascended Masters, the collective consciousness of the team of souls that is overseeing the experience on Planet Earth and many more. Among us you can also find unicorns, ferries, angels and beings from other planets and other universes. However, the important thing to remember is that the ultimate truth is that we all are part of THE SAME Divine ENERGY and therefore we are part of you and you are part of us.

We ask you to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow us to assist you in reconnecting to ALL THAT IS. Feel how your energy fields increase in vibration and how you begin to feel in peace and harmony with all that surrounds you. From this higher state of consciousness, we ask you to listen openly to this sharing:

As you already know, we are in the midst of a huge shift of consciousness for humanity. The last two thousand years are known by many as the Dark Ages. In the all of creation, there are few spaces of illusion where duality can be so deeply experimented as Earth in a Dark Age cycle. It has been a great adventure and we thank the souls that have participated in co-creating this reality. The experimentation of profound darkness allows US as part of ALL THAT IS, to appreciate and recognize the profound light that WE, all of us including you, ARE. How would we appreciate our magnificence if we do not know anything else? It is in OUR intention of fully exploring OURSELVES that we create the different dimensions of reality. From our perspective, the point of time and space known as dark ages on Planet Earth is a masterpiece.

Even though it has been a great experience, by divine design the illusion of the dark ages is over and it is time to wake up to the light that YOU ARE.

In order to do so it is necessary to increase your vibration enough to take a quantum leap and it is not possible to do it while you are carrying fear, in any form.

From our perspective we have noticed that many of you are ready to “jump” to the new energetic reality, however we witness two main deterrents to this:

 1- You do not want to leave behind your dear ones.
 2- You feel that it would be like abandoning or dishonoring your own creations, and by this we mean the experiences that you have created in your current or past lives.

Let us tell you, none of this is possible.

Every single soul sharing this experience will awake to the light that THEY ARE. And every single experience that you have created is part of YOU and has been recorded in the universal archives for the benefit that ALL THAT IS.

We understand that even if you are aware of what we just said and agree with it, there may be some unconscious ties that are not easy to detach. We ask you to allow us to assist you in this. If you feel led to and open to this experience, please participate with us through the following meditation (recorded in audio as well as below in written form)


Please consciously invite us to share the space with you and allow us to assist in tuning your energetic fields. You can do so just by saying it in your mind and spreading the energy of your intention. Now take a few moments to feel how the energy nearby you is modified by our and Your presence. Feel us, feel how we are surrounding you with our unconditional love. Give yourself time to feel our love. (Space of time)
Now, visualize that you are sitting in a clear space in the middle of a forest. This forest is full of tall and beautiful trees. Listen to the birds singing, feel the warm breeze on your face, feel the freshness of the grass beneath you. Everything in this place induces you in a deep state of relaxation. Also, the connection with nature allows you to unite with Planet Earth and with the essence of who you really are. You begin to sense your own perfection and the perfection in all that is. (Space of time) Listen to water running on the background, smell its freshness, give yourself a moment to feel fully alive inside your body suit and to appreciate the magic of this experience.(Space of time) Now visualize that there are as many angels and ascended masters as you may want surrounding you. You can imagine them as close to you as you want, they can be holding your hand, embracing you or just seated beside you. (Space of time)

Now visualize how an intense golden light begins to flow from the center of your spine, feel the peace and strength that this light brings. See how this light expands through your physical body reaching every cell, filling every atom. Feel how your body begins to feel feather weight. Now visualize how the light extends to your mental body that is like a bubble that surrounds your physical body. Feel how this golden light transmits harmony. Feel how your mental functions begin to be completely relaxed. Now visualize how this beautiful golden light expands to your emotional body that is another bubble surrounding your mental body. Feel how the golden light brings perfect balance to your emotions. Finally, the golden light keeps flowing and it spreads to your entire energetic field, including your astral body.  Your whole self, unified and pure in this Golden Light.  You can see your entire being glowing with the golden light like a sun. (Space of time)

Now visualize a translucent crystal with rainbow rays in the center of your heart chakra. This crystal is connected with the universal archives. You are going to put into this crystal the low frequency emotions that are in your energy fields.  Offer to this magical crystal your fears, your sorrows, your weaknesses every single emotion and belief that is holding you from your light. (Space of time) Ask your team and angels once again to assist you in this purification process, and be aware that this process would continue after this meditation is over for the time that it may be necessary. Also, be aware that this purification will go deeper that your conscious mind realizes, allow this to happen, and accept the fact that the power of the energies that are working on you right now, goes beyond your current comprehension. Give yourself a moment to recognize how sacred this moment is. (Space of time)

The entire Universe accompanies and supports you. Feel how each one of your emotions is absorbed by this crystal and how slowly they are being integrated to the light.  Remember this crystal is inside you, therefore all what you have experienced will go with you integrated to the light that YOU are. (Space of time) Now thank your team and angels for assisting you. And send love and gratitude to the dark ages for the experiences that it allowed you to have. Before returning to your body, be conscious that the purification process that you are going through from this point on has a positive impact not only on you but also on the collective consciousness of humanity. Every time a soul decides to wake up to its light it is an energetic wake up call to other souls and it opens an energetic path making it easier to others to follow.  Please repeat with us, “ I am Love.  I am Light.  I am Grace.  I am Peace.  I am harmony.”

Slowly begin to come back to the conscious awareness from within your physical body here and now.  And so it is.”

Love and blessings to each of you.  Thank you for experiencing this with us and for sharing it with others as you feel led. 



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Posted by: Devin 'Fernand@'  on  June 13, 2012


Thank you both/all, so much, for this meditation. I’ve been very stuck in my lower-selves lately and have been trying hard to re-connect with what I know I’ve tapped into before. I feel beautiful right now. My crystal is ringing in my ear. I’ve wanted to cry for two weeks, and haven’t been able to- and for the first time I feel like I could, but they would be tears of joy. This is my beginning. I have had beginnings before and will have them again, bur right now this is the only beginning I can see. A beautiful birthday present.

Much Love.

Fern / Devin

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