Lightening the Load for Ascension

To ascend into a higher dimensional state of being it is necessary to lighten the load in our journey.  We will offer insights and recommendations on this critical process.

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Posted by: Shawna  on  July 26, 2012


All I want to say is, thank you from my soul. A video of yours was on my list on Youtube, I am not sure how or why it was there because I had not subscribed to your video’s, never the less it was there and it led me to this one.
As you know, as well as I do, that there are no coincidences, things happen for a reason, when they are in divine timing. You brought me through a ruff spot with your words. I released and cleansed a part of my soul I could not on my own.
I am one who has chosen, for what ever reason unknown to me at this time, to not share my experiences with anyone. I just haven’t felt that pull, but, experiencing them no the less. Every time I have thought about sharing, something inside says wait, it’s not time yet.
There is alot I know and alot I have seen and been through, I know this deep within me. I know what I am suppose to be doing in order to complete this last hurdle but, I can’t seem to push through the fog and clear the way. Life on Earth for me right now is more than uncomfortable. I feel like I shouldn’t need help with this, but yet here I am.
Any way, I wanted to let you know I appreciated your video and your words. From my heart and soul to yours much love, Shawna

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