Self Assessment Guide for Ascension

We often ask "How am I doing with my expansion/awakening?" Am I doing it "right"? Did I do a "good" job with my clients in my spiritual practice today? Was the healing I offered effective? Am I a "good" channel? Am I "good" intuitive? We have been trained and condition to look for validation and feedback from outside of ourselves to tell us how we are doing. The special topic today offers another perspective on obtaining feedback and for determining whether we are "doing IT right"... Complete 90 minute weekly Beacon for Lightworkers blogtalkradio broadcast from Nov. 22, 2011.

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Posted by: John  on  November 27, 2011


I am in joy with you my beautiful sister..

Indeed this message was special for I felt such
love for you and for self all throughout it.
I felt it as ALL TRUE and was in such agreement
that i had a smile practically the whole time!

Thank-you sweet and gentle one..

Let there be light..
Let there be love..

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