Starseeds Rooting into our Love for Humanity

As our consciousness expands and we feel more awareness about what has been and continues to be creating separation of humanity from God withIn. This can lead to feeling disillusioned. It can also develop into a new sense of separation from our own humanity. Another experience is also possible from this expanded consciousness, the falling in love with humanity at an even deeper, more rich, more soul-ful level than was possible from a more limited consciousness and sense of Self.

In my own re-membering expansion, I have fallen helplessly and completely in love with humanity. I access my profound affection and reverence for humanity, its unique role for All that Is and those blessed enough to experience it. My re-membered awareness of the purpose and beauty of separation offered by Earth and humanity offers me that sense of compassion and understanding for all the choices and experiences being created by all of us here.

I sense many here feel this way, at their core, feeling our pre-wired sense of this truth.

We Are here, we volunteered to be here *because of* our deep and authentic love for humanity. This is how the Great Shift is this power. The Power of Love we know from our homes across the Cosmos, sharing this gift with humanity as it re-members it's true Self, its inherent Sovereignty. It is the time phase for this re-membering. That is why We are here now.

Root yourselves here ♥ From this frequency. Your love is more powerful than any natural disaster, any sinister plan. Access the uniqueness, the perfection in Your ability and Your willingness to Be here, at this frequency, this LOVE for humanity. From here, we change the vibration of the planet and usher in the Platinum Age, by our Be-ing our home frequencies from within the bodysuit. Yes, this feels good ♥♥♥ And so it is. Namaste ♥

Love and blessings,
Jill Renee Feeler
Member of the Guardian Council of the Golden Ray

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