Next ETNES 10-week Light-Body Group Experience starts July 24!

For those who are interested in making the 5D (and beyond) vibrations more practical and "real" in their lives, including their every day lives, we'd love to have you join us!

We move fast... no 1-3 year programs here. We start with the deep and expansive good stuff and just continue from there, offering insights to awaken your Soul.

I share in the same manner my team shared with me, honoring our inherent, whole inner Mastery. * Spiritual re-Membering is quantum, not linear *

Our approach speaks to your inner Mastery, helping you align more fully to your eternal energy. We speak to your heart and soul helping us assist You in guiding your own quantum expansion.

For more information, an intro video to the ETNES experience is below.

If you resonate with my other work and desire an even more dedicated, expansive experience, we are so excited to share and interact with you.  Registration available at

Love and blessings to all my comrades also volunteering on Earth,


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