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These are various websites, books and other resources I have enjoyed in my own expansion and want to share with you...   I love to share what has assisted me, just as I appreciate your referrals for my work. 

There are many other resources that share the same flow of information and teachings.  I encourage you to follow your heart, letting it lead you to what you are ready for at this time. 

If you choose to order books from these Amazon links, it helps me fund the website (thank you for your support).

Helen White, artist

I met Helen White through my work and look forward to experiencing her beautiful art work in my home.  She is a fellow ambassador of the Platinum frequencies, which I know many of you resonate with in yourself as well.  I love seeing how our unique God essence translates into form in our being and our work.  It feels good to support each other as we operate from these expanded frequencies. ...

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Interesting Article:  “The Looking Glass: Language as Mirror”

I enjoyed this and felt you might as well!

Rose Rosetree

In Nov. 2012 I had a private session with Rose Rosetree that proved, and continues to prove, very helpful in my journey.  She helped me find balance in my life, between my deep passion for experiencing God within human form and the blessings of being human.  Those on our spiritual paths can become very out of balance, glorifying the upper chakras while almost wanted to deny we even have human...

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Conversation with Annie Frind and Jill Renee Feeler

Great interview/conversation with Annie Frind and Jill Renee Feeler

Magical Egypt Series from John Anthony West

Great series exploring Magical Egypt from John Anthony West.  8 episodes in the series.  Link is

Anita Moorjani, author of the book “Dying To Be Me”

So much amazing synchronicity in Anita's experience for those of us consciously living in 5D and beyond. Yes!!! Now! No NDE required wink. Thank you Anita and to Kate for sharing.

For those feeling like they are just getting started on their exploration of Self, God,  this one may be just what you need to support your expansion into a much broader, deeper, more meaningful way of living.  Most of...

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Valorie Farber’s Metatronia Therapy

I met Valorie in 2012 through my work and recognized her unique soul signature from the moment I connected.  Her healing abilities and wisdom were immediately apparent in her soul signature.  I was able to personally experience her gifts in Dec. 2012.  The session with her was remote and absolutely amazing; highly effective.  She sent me an email afterwards with some information and the...

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Amy Landerman Numerologist and Intuitive

Amy Landerman and I met in the Fall of 2011.  I ordered a Numerology chart from her for myself and my two daughters recently and found the experience very valuable!  She approaches her work with a wisdom I akin to the Merlin line.  She has a special passion for assisting parents in better understanding their children, helping them see their various gifts and opportunities/challenges for this...

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Conscious Cool Chic, Molly McCord

I have really enjoyed Molly McCord's messages and you might, too!  Enjoy. 

Inspiring images from Sea Angel 12

In many of my mesages in video and written articles, I include images from Sea Angel 12.  Her creations are available on her website.  I find them very energetically charged and filled with activations.  Often I receive "God bumps" when viewing her creations!  Thank you to Sea Angel 12 for sharing your creations with us and maving them available for others as well. 


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Michael Dake’s Energetic Bodywork

I began seeing Michael in May 2011 as I began working more consciously with various councils from the higher realms.  I feel he has allowed me to more effectively access the highest vibrational energy i currently have access to.  For each of us expanding our consciousness and experiencing increased access to our multidimensionality, this type of service is invaluable. 

Michael's energy work...

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Sonia Barrett - The Holographic Canvas interview with Red Ice Radio

Starseed Confirmation Reading with Lavandar

In early 2012, I felt led to have a starseed confirmation session with Lavandar.  We also did my solar return chart.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Lavandar and received a lot of confirmation as well as new information from her.  Her sessions can be booked here

“Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” by Dr. Michael Newton Ph.D.

"Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives" by Dr. Michael Newton Ph.D. is a thought-provoking book that was very helpful when I was at the beginning of my awakening process.  It is especially relevant for those still uncertain about the possibility of reincarnation, for those wondering what occurs between incarnations (in "Heaven") and for those seeking answers about whether Heaven...

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Rev. Rhonda Smith Numerology

Rev. Rhonda Smith is a very wise soul I have enjoyed connecting with on this journey.  Her weekly blogtalkradio show, Awake Now What and its numerous archives are filled with wisdom and insights.  Rhonda tells it straight which is refreshing.  I ordered a Basic Numerology Chart from her in Feb. 2011 and was amazed at the confirmation and rich insights this detailed report offered.  No computer...

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Fathom the Universe, Alex Jaeger

In June 2012 I came across a friend's facebook post of a video from Alex Jaeger's "Fathom the Universe" youtube channel.  I view Alex as a very wise being, a very experienced Soul here to share information related to dimensions, mathematics and science.  He does so from a very expanded perspective, often seeing things uniquely from other previous Masters in these areas.  Oh, and he happens to...

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Gregg Braden, Deep Truths interview with George Noory Oct. 2011

Dr. Bruce Lipton interview The Power of Consciousness

Esther Hicks presentation Weird is the New Normal

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Lilou Mace, each wonderful resources for expanding consciousness

Interview on youtube.

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