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“Indigo Dreams:  Garden of Wellness” audio CD by Lori Lite

I found Lori Lite's CD very helpful for my young children and I recommend it for ages 4 to 11.  The CD contains short stories with lessons on food choices, self-esteem, confidence, bullying, stress-management and coping management.  The visual imagery Lori provides for building a protective bubble are very important for all empathic beings, particularly New Kids (which includes Indigo children,...

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“Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children” audio CD by Doreen Virtue

"Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children" audio CD by Doreen Virtue is a thought-provoking live interview on the important topic of these advanced souls who have joined us on Earth to assist with our Ascension.  Doreen Virtue provides insight into the natural abilities and strengths these different groups represent as well as their role (as a group) during our Ascension.  The CD also includes a...

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