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Amy Landerman Numerologist and Intuitive

Amy Landerman and I met in the Fall of 2011.  I ordered a Numerology chart from her for myself and my two daughters recently and found the experience very valuable!  She approaches her work with a wisdom I akin to the Merlin line.  She has a special passion for assisting parents in better understanding their children, helping them see their various gifts and opportunities/challenges for this...

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Fathom the Universe, Alex Jaeger

In June 2012 I came across a friend's facebook post of a video from Alex Jaeger's "Fathom the Universe" youtube channel.  I view Alex as a very wise being, a very experienced Soul here to share information related to dimensions, mathematics and science.  He does so from a very expanded perspective, often seeing things uniquely from other previous Masters in these areas.  Oh, and he happens to...

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Magenta Pixie’s 2012 Youtube channel

Magenta Pixie has a youtube channel dedicated to aspects of ascension and 2012 at magenta pixie 2012.  On her channel, I tend to stick with her Uploads.  The videos are usually less than 10 minutes and are filled with wisdom and insights. 

“Starbright—Meditations for Children” by Maureen Garth

Maureen provides a beautiful book for children (and adults) that provides several written guided meditations.  There are short versions (which I find helpful with younger kids) and longer versions for those with longer attention spans.  This book is a useful tool for anyone assisting a young person through meditation and for adults seeking to learn meditation techniques. 

Meditation is a key...

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“I Believe in Me:  A Book of Affirmations” by Connie Bowen

Wonderful, uplifiting books for children (and adults).  New Kids (also known as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseeds) may especially connect with this content.  I find those reading it to the child also benefit greatly.  Books like this remind us of our magnificence, our inner beauty and our innate goodness.  I hope you also enjoy this book from Connie Bowen.

“All I See is Part of Me” by Chara M. Curtis

"All I See is Part of Me" by Chara M. Curtis is a magical, beautifully illustrated children's book that simply resonates with children (and adults), reminding us that we are all one with the universe.  It is beautiful to see young high vibrational kids quickly adopt this book as their favorite.  For the adult reading it, beautiful reminders to us as well.  G

Great book for all, and likely to...

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“Fun is a Feeling” by Chara M. Curtis

"Fun is a Feeling" by Chara M. Curtis is a fun, light-hearted, beautifully illustrated book for children that reminds us of the fun that is all around us, that having fun is a choice, a feeling that we receive when our hearts are open to all the beauty that is around is. 

The natural state of the soul is light, loving, fun, playful.  This book and the others I've recommended help us get...

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“Indigo Dreams:  Garden of Wellness” audio CD by Lori Lite

I found Lori Lite's CD very helpful for my young children and I recommend it for ages 4 to 11.  The CD contains short stories with lessons on food choices, self-esteem, confidence, bullying, stress-management and coping management.  The visual imagery Lori provides for building a protective bubble are very important for all empathic beings, particularly New Kids (which includes Indigo children,...

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Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller is new on my radar screen of others passionate about the New Kids.  I look forward to learning more from Suzy through her website, interviews she is doing and her newsletter.  Her work centers on Autism but I see much application in her philosophy and her approach to all New Kids, Autistic or not.  Suzy has learned to telepathically connect with New Kids.  Her insights are amazing...

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The Magic Tree House book series by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House book series by Mary Pope Osborne is a magical book series that helps keep our children's imaginations active and engaged.  The two main characters, Jack and Annie, are siblings and each book is a different adventure where they are assigned tasks to assist in very important missions.  Merlin and Morgan (the librarion of Camelot) treat the children with honor and respect, as...

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“Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children” audio CD by Doreen Virtue

"Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children" audio CD by Doreen Virtue is a thought-provoking live interview on the important topic of these advanced souls who have joined us on Earth to assist with our Ascension.  Doreen Virtue provides insight into the natural abilities and strengths these different groups represent as well as their role (as a group) during our Ascension.  The CD also includes a...

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