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Helen White, artist

I met Helen White through my work and look forward to experiencing her beautiful art work in my home.  She is a fellow ambassador of the Platinum frequencies, which I know many of you resonate with in yourself as well.  I love seeing how our unique God essence translates into form in our being and our work.  It feels good to support each other as we operate from these expanded frequencies. ...

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Magical Egypt Series from John Anthony West

Great series exploring Magical Egypt from John Anthony West.  8 episodes in the series.  Link is

Conscious Cool Chic, Molly McCord

I have really enjoyed Molly McCord's messages and you might, too!  Enjoy. 

Sonia Barrett - The Holographic Canvas interview with Red Ice Radio

Fathom the Universe, Alex Jaeger

In June 2012 I came across a friend's facebook post of a video from Alex Jaeger's "Fathom the Universe" youtube channel.  I view Alex as a very wise being, a very experienced Soul here to share information related to dimensions, mathematics and science.  He does so from a very expanded perspective, often seeing things uniquely from other previous Masters in these areas.  Oh, and he happens to...

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Dr. Bruce Lipton interview The Power of Consciousness

Esther Hicks presentation Weird is the New Normal

Magenta Pixie’s 2012 Youtube channel

Magenta Pixie has a youtube channel dedicated to aspects of ascension and 2012 at magenta pixie 2012.  On her channel, I tend to stick with her Uploads.  The videos are usually less than 10 minutes and are filled with wisdom and insights. 

Dr. Suzan Carroll Lie’s

Dr. Carroll's contains a wealth of spiritual and metaphysical information, much of it related to our multidimensionality.  The section on The Journey helps describe the different dimensions of ourselves, how they coexist, etc.  She also includes a link to her blog and her newsletter.  Suzan channels many higher dimensional light-filled beings, including the Arcturians. ...

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“Awake Now What” internet radio program with Rev. Rhonda Smith

Awake Now What is an internet radio show on blogtalkradio that airs live on Sundays from 4-6pm MST.  The host, Rev. Rhonda Smith, and her guests provide meaningful discussion related to spirituality, metaphysical topics and ascension.  Previously aired shows are available for download.  For me, this program is on my weekly list of "must listens", preferably live but downloads are convenient,...

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“Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children” audio CD by Doreen Virtue

"Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children" audio CD by Doreen Virtue is a thought-provoking live interview on the important topic of these advanced souls who have joined us on Earth to assist with our Ascension.  Doreen Virtue provides insight into the natural abilities and strengths these different groups represent as well as their role (as a group) during our Ascension.  The CD also includes a...

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Significance of 10/10/10

After much searching, I found an inspirational, high vibrational message explaining the significance of 10/10/10.  Enjoy!

9/9/2009 Urgent Call to 10/10/2010 and 12/12/12 and 12/21/12

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