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Anita Moorjani, author of the book “Dying To Be Me”

So much amazing synchronicity in Anita's experience for those of us consciously living in 5D and beyond. Yes!!! Now! No NDE required wink. Thank you Anita and to Kate for sharing.

For those feeling like they are just getting started on their exploration of Self, God,  this one may be just what you need to support your expansion into a much broader, deeper, more meaningful way of living.  Most of...

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Dr. Suzan Carroll Lie’s

Dr. Carroll's contains a wealth of spiritual and metaphysical information, much of it related to our multidimensionality.  The section on The Journey helps describe the different dimensions of ourselves, how they coexist, etc.  She also includes a link to her blog and her newsletter.  Suzan channels many higher dimensional light-filled beings, including the Arcturians. ...

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“Starbright—Meditations for Children” by Maureen Garth

Maureen provides a beautiful book for children (and adults) that provides several written guided meditations.  There are short versions (which I find helpful with younger kids) and longer versions for those with longer attention spans.  This book is a useful tool for anyone assisting a young person through meditation and for adults seeking to learn meditation techniques. 

Meditation is a key...

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“I Believe in Me:  A Book of Affirmations” by Connie Bowen

Wonderful, uplifiting books for children (and adults).  New Kids (also known as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseeds) may especially connect with this content.  I find those reading it to the child also benefit greatly.  Books like this remind us of our magnificence, our inner beauty and our innate goodness.  I hope you also enjoy this book from Connie Bowen.

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