“Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” by Dr. Michael Newton Ph.D.

"Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives" by Dr. Michael Newton Ph.D. is a thought-provoking book that was very helpful when I was at the beginning of my awakening process.  It is especially relevant for those still uncertain about the possibility of reincarnation, for those wondering what occurs between incarnations (in "Heaven") and for those seeking answers about whether Heaven and Hell actually exist.  Dr. Newton used hypnotherapy techniques to assist his patients in resolving various issues they were facing in this lifetime.  He did not consider himself a spiritual person in the least, actually questioning whether a Divine Creator existed.  Through his therapy sessions he began to learn and then verify facts related to his patients' past lives, and also gleen fascinating information about what their soul experienced between lives...  Wow!  What a mind bender, depending on where you are in your own ascension process. 

This book also illuminates why some beings choose such challenging lives and difficult circumstances.  It offers a deeper appreciation and honor for others' journey and life path circumstances.  Journey of Souls also has insightful detail about the role of our spirit guides.