Rev. Rhonda Smith Numerology

Rev. Rhonda Smith is a very wise soul I have enjoyed connecting with on this journey.  Her weekly blogtalkradio show, Awake Now What and its numerous archives are filled with wisdom and insights.  Rhonda tells it straight which is refreshing.  I ordered a Basic Numerology Chart from her in Feb. 2011 and was amazed at the confirmation and rich insights this detailed report offered.  No computer programs in her process, she does it by hand and her charts are filled with many approaches and traditions as well as her strong intuition, making the perspectives very broad and deep. 

She is the Numerologist for the Sedona Journal of Emergence and takes her work very seriously.  Her weekly Numerology is a great resource -- if you haven't tried it, you're likely to be surprised about how closely it matches your personal experiences.

Rhonda has also assisted in the creation of communities such as The Awakening Center and The Awake Net with other Spiritual Teachers including Virginia O'Hara.