Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller is new on my radar screen of others passionate about the New Kids.  I look forward to learning more from Suzy through her website, interviews she is doing and her newsletter.  Her work centers on Autism but I see much application in her philosophy and her approach to all New Kids, Autistic or not.  Suzy has learned to telepathically connect with New Kids.  Her insights are amazing and help stretch your concept of what is possible as a human being.  She recalls an instance in which a particularly high vibrational young boy showed her how we would take a potato chip and transform it into the healthful benefits of an apple -- wow!  The boy's mom was no longer worried about his passion for potato chips, nor his healthy eating habits -- he was making his favorite foods accommodate his physical body's needs.  Many, many expamples are abound, sometimes in our homes, on how humans are evolving right before our eyes in beautiful and progressive ways.