Jill is amazing. Simply Amazing. She has such a high vibration, is so filled with love and light, and accesses very high dimensions and beings. In my hour-long session with her (which I highly recommend) she was incredibly validating and affirming of so much “strangeness” I’ve experienced in my life and simply haven’t known what to do with. As lightworkers, we so need to be confirmed that we’re not strange, but incredible, which Jill did with so much love and delight, with her higher access to ancient pasts and beautiful nows. I felt like my soul had a therapy session and since then, I feel as though I’ve stepped onto my “magic” path with sure footing, connected to all my support, and am so much more open and receptive to who I am and my work on multiple levels. The activations I received opened up support and opportunities right away and I’m well on my way to redefining myself and my work. I have so much gratitude to you, Jill, for who you are, your gifts, and being here now.

-- M.M., San Francisco

Dear Jill,

I really enjoyed session 10!  I resonate with your suggestion that our spiritual masteries are not meant to define our journey, nor are we necessarily meant to devote ourselves exclusively to develop these abilities at the expense of a rich spirit in human form experience. It has once again lifted a cloak I had imposed on myself.

The ETNES series was so rich and layered in content that I feel I have only skimmed the surface of several sessions and will be slowly reviewing and listening again to many, if not all, of them.

Thank you Jill.  You have introduced such game changing ideas in my spiritual journey that I feel much more empowered, able and excited to live fully and consciously.

Blessings and light,

-- Natascha, Sudan

Jill offered me a whole new perspective in which to view my journey in this
lifetime. She was able to reveal my purpose in this incarnation, as well as
important information about aspects of special people in my life. I
treasure the time I spent with Jill and highly recommend an hour-long
session so that you have plenty of time to ask your questions. Thank you
Jill - I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. I am inspired by your
connection to and work with your Divine Team. I'm eager to continue
learning through you!

-- Kat Barrell, Newport, NH

I was so thrilled to be able to speak with Jill again!  This was my third session with Jill within a years time. I feel like there is so very much being shared and beautiful energetic gifts being exchanged. So many layers of expression from a soul, source, super consciousness (whatever you wish to name it) level!  

I listened to my session recording again tonight and I continue to "get" and "feel" even more than I did the first time. It is a gift that just keeps on giving, truly!  I am blessed beyond measure to have met Jill.  I Love her laugh, her authenticity, and her genuine heart. ♥
I will be back for more of the gifts Jill has to offer.  She has helped me to see ALL that I AM and who couldn't use a little nudge now & then.

Much Love, Light and Blessings,

-- Annette, USA

Instantly Jill and I connected as if we had known one another for a long time.  She is truly so connected with her “Team” and was able to connect with my “Team” as well!!! Jill explained many things to me, including why I came here for this incarnation and  my role here as wife, mother and teacher.  Her advice for me is so valuable and I couldn’t wait to listen to the recording over and over.  Each time I listened to it, I understood things so much more clearly.  I would highly recommend that you sign-up for an hour.  The time just goes by so quickly.   Jill is a beautiful soul who is dedicated to helping us re-member that we are sovereign beings always connected to our Source.

Thank you, Jill…..from the bottom of my heart!! 

Love and Blessings

-- LH

There are moments in life when you know that you have witnessed something so beautiful, been a part of something so beautiful that it changes everything irrevocably. I love words and yet I am finding it hard to find the words to express the deep gratitude that I am feeling following my session with Jill yesterday evening.

For 38 years I have sought to find someone who could tell me, reflect back to me what I have intuitively known all my life. For the first time last night - I heard and felt the Universe speak to me with such clarity.

The reason that I was so drawn to work with Jill has many layers, however, it was ultimately because of her deeply grounded and authentic "presence" that I knew I simply had to gift myself this time. And it was a beautiful gift.

The love, generosity of spirit and grace that Jill exudes is stunning to witness. The way that she so beautifully holds space for you to explore and "be" is testament to her desire to shine a light for others to see so clearly.

If you are in any way drawn, guided to have a session with Jill then I would encourage you to simply trust your intuition like never before.

I know with a profound certainty that my life has shifted in ways that will continue to evolve over the coming days, weeks, months and years following working with Jill.

Jill - you are a beautiful, beautiful gift. Thank YOU..... Love

-- Nikola

What a wonderful treat a private session with Jill Renee feeler is!  Jill radiates love so tangibly that there is an instant comfort.  She made an adjustment to my emotional body that has helped harmonize my feelings with my light. I received activations and insights to consider that I'm excited to explore and alternate perspectives that I hadn't noticed that make perfect since. She saw me and pointed out how far I've come and now I see it too! I received another huge powerful activation listening to the recording of my session. I feel more and more clarity each day and my light feels stable. I would recommend a private session with Jill to everyone. If you resonate with her work, you're gunna love this option!!

-- Pepper

When I listen to Jill on the gifted webinars, I feel so at home and connected to the information that is shared. I felt led to connect with Jill in a private session and i am so grateful for the time we were able to share. Thank you Jill for the insights into who I am as a soul. Being down here on earth can feel a bit confusing at times but after our session i have a lot more clarity. Im finding it very difficult to put into words just how validating and nurturing this time was, and at the same time pay my deepest respect to who you are and what you are doing for all of humanity. NAMASTE is the closest word I can find in our english language. Thank you Dear Jill

-- Sam

During the long distance session, Jill had the ability to raise my consciousness to a much higher level so I could see bigger picture and embrace my divine plan here on Earth.  She is a true beacon of light who sees all of us from the divine perspective and helps us to rememebr our true origin and light.  She helped me to reconnect "missing" parts of my soul and open my heart.  Jill's sessions have helped me to tap into my highest potential and start creating a life that is based on love and light.



-- Lauri in Estonia

Jill is such a loving and compassionate soul who is truly in touch in all spiritual matters and with a great sense of humor.  I would highly recommend Jill to anyone interested in getting a higher perspective on their spiritual evolvement.

-- Heather Van Komen

I would like to thank Jill for so lovingly assist me in some areas I was having great difficulty with.  Jill was able to connect me with my higher self and my team, and help me commune with them in a way that gave me clarity and a deeper understanding of my purpose here on this earth.  I live my life with greater confidence now knowing that I can trust my inner knowing and instincts.  Jill emanates a love and light that is indescribable.  I would highly recommend Jill if you are ready to take the fast-track and move forward in your awakening.

-- Jessica H

In a short half of an hour with Jill Renee, my beliefs and ideas have been validated and clarified.  I felt prompted to make an appointment at, what I feel was a crucial turning point in my life.  Jill's abilty to communicate with my team, and the information she shared was both relevant and profound.

I am in a unique and priviledged situation as proprietor of a small hearing arts facility that houses my art and writing studio.  The various psychics and mediums that pass through this space have shared readings with me, seemingly disaparate and sometimes confusing.  Jill's reading brought these shards together into a cohesive and coherent solution that has opened my eyes and heart to this moment in time and has helped give me courage to contintue on my usual path of writing and illustrating faerie tales for adults.

I have long held a theory that the pure feed of information from Source is in corrupted as it passes through the filters of our consciousness to a greater or lesser degree.  The information that flowed through Jill had a pure and refreshing quality like spring water.  I feel renewed and excited to pick up and carry on, and I am very grateful for the dear conduit, Jill Renee Feeler.

-- Kim Richelle

What an incredible gift!  Such an amazing amount of information was shared my Jill and her team reagarding my children, career, relationships, health, spirituality, and past lives.  All in an hour!  All of my written quesitons were answered, even though I didn't actually ask them!  My perspective of this reality has been forever changed, for the better, and found I have a renewed sense of purpose.  It was a trye blessing, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for answers, or even maybe just curious.  You won't be disappointed!

-- BP

Aloha and blessings to all who might read this.

I had a wonderful meeting with Jill. She is truly a gift to this reality. It was much like having tea with an ol' friend I hadn't seen in quite a long time. I won't  go into details as some of the information is personal, however, you will not be disappointed however long your session might be. The 30 minute meeting was the perfect amount of time for me to be with Jill and get the information that I had been waiting to hear all my life, truly! I am so grateful for her presence here on Gaia. You will not get your fortune read, you will get hard soul data that will propel you forward to do what you came here to do. I felt such love and support coming in from all directions into my heart center that it was all I could do to keep from shedding tears. Be open, listen and feel the resonance. You will be pleased.


-- John

My session with Jill was a real heart opening experience. She gave me immediate feedback on exactly what i was going to ask about before i got to ask it! The love coming from Jill put me at ease right away and I felt like I was talking to a dear friend. Below the conscious level there's a sense of lightening up that i feel. I am more hopeful, more ready to take on the challenges life has set before me for soul growth. I am very happy with my first experience of a session with Jill and plan to do it again as i feel led.

-- Dennis McCauley Havertown, Pennsylvania

I'm thrilled that someone recommended Jill to me. Jill is

a truly gifted channel for divine love.  Jill owns her

gifts and in doing so, she provides the perfect and fun environment for

the higher self to step forward and step into grace.  I felt like

I was speaking to a long lost friend who was welcoming me home. 

I'd definitely recommend  Jill to anyone who is 'curious' about 

expanding consciousness.  I feel so expansive after our reading.  

What a blessing!

-- Dawn R Nocera, OHIO, USA

Blessings Jill, I'm in Australia and i was all set to tune in for the [Intro to Meditation] class but miscalculated the time. So i got up at 2:30am to find I had just missed it.  How funny... I must of needed to sleep so I could get the full benefit of the class. Thank you so much, it was a great experience and thank you for the understanding about how simple meditation is. Who would not want to meditate after listening to your class. I will continue my meditation practice with more kindness to myself and joy in my heart.  Thank you again. 

With so much gratitude and Blessings 


-- Samantha - Australia


Jill was able to tune into my energy on a level I’ve never experienced before and gave the most relevant guidance enabling me with a clear understanding of my inner power and purpose. She is so unconditionally loving I feel like I can discuss any topic with her. Overall I feel much more empowered, uplifted and inspired to continue moving forward. Jill truly is a blessing to humanity!  

 - Jared

-- Jared - Asheville, NC

"Jill is superb in connecting with my spiritual team and guiding me with her wisdom and insight!  I trust her vision to see the whole picture in each of the areas of my life.  She has a wonderful way of connecting with people, which allows them to feel safe and trusting.  I highly recommend Jill, with her compassionate guidance for a more fulfilling life!"


-- Margaret - Boise, ID

I feel so much happier, lighter, forgiving, loving and at peace since my session with Jill.  What I like the most about working with her is that I can sense that she truly wants to remind me that I have access to my own answers and wisdom and she is serving as a guide, not a guru.  I like that she is honoring of my sovereignty and inner strength.  I would recommend her work to anyone wishing to form a greater connection with their highest self and move forward with life feeling empowered.


-- T. USA

I feel so much happier, lighter, forgiving, loving and at peace since my session with Jill.  What I like the most about working with her is that I can sense that she truly wants to remind me that I have access to my own answers and wisdom and she is serving as a guide, not a guru.  I like that she is honoring of my sovereignty and inner strength.  I would recommend her work to anyone wishing to form a greater connection with their highest self and move forward with life feeling empowered.

-- Thavma

So very wonderful to do a session with Jill. She is pure lovelight, in a body, on Earth. What an absolute pleasure it is to be playfully immersed in, uplifted and effortlessly expanded by her divine light and love frequencies. Pure bliss.  B.E.

-- B.E. Australia

It brings a smile to my face to say that it was the highest divine synchronicity in action when I found Jill.  I, personally, have been on a life long journey of self discovery.  Starting at the age of about 12 years old I started my journey by searching out books on spirituality or metaphysical concepts.  I’ve also been very lucky to find some amazing teachers and mentors along the way.  Of course my greatest expansion always came when I was able to be most in touch with my Self, my authentic divine Self within. There have been times throughout my life where I was more “awake” and definitely times, years even, where I was more “asleep”.  When I first saw Jill, in one of her amazing gifted YouTube webinars, it was the beginning another awakening for me, in a big way.  That very first video I saw hit home so greatly that I wept, I was deeply touched.  Jill is a powerful catalyst for many who are desiring to know and shine their own light more authentically.  She is very open about her own journey and the clear insight she shares from her and her team hold many, many keys and codes the help unlock pieces of each person that is drawn to her.  It is joyfully obvious that her reason for doing the work that she does is simply because it is what her heart most desires, it is what draws her forward.  As she finds tools that work for her, and she expands more and more with the amazing energies that are available to us in this unprecedented time, she is able to facilitate others in this same way.   I’ve found that even a quick chat with Jill, even if its just completely mundane topics, typically results in my vibration clearing and raising up.  The expansion and the greater awareness into one’s own authenticity is a journey we do within ourselves, but sometimes, we need a helping hand, expanded perspective, higher insight, or compassionate ear along the way.  Jill’s great ability and heart-felt desire to assist with Re-Membering and Ascension are truly blessings to experience.


Joey Lynn Prescott  - CO, USA

-- Joey Lynn Prescott—Colorado USA

I had such a wonderful, insightful session with Jill who helped me unlock some truths which were so revealing and interesting! I couldn’t contain my excitement to have a one on one session with the beautiful soul that Jill is! She can’t help but emanate such radiance and joy that it is contagious and you feel absolutely uplifted by it! So, a big thank you for sharing your wisdom and love through the wonderful modern tool that is the internet!


N (UK)

-- N (UK)


I have been watching Jill’s YouTube videos for some time now and love the wonderful meditations and channeled messages. I have had three private sessions with Jill and each one has been very uplifting and inspiring. I have had questions and concerns that she was able to help me to focus in on the main issue and realize how I can help myself. She is so very loving and compassionate in her advice and coaching. I always feel so much better after and inspired to continue working on my spiritual growth.


Brenda, Alberta, Canada

-- Brenda, Alberta, Canada

Hi Jill,

I wanted to thank you for yet another wonderful session. I always thought that I was fairly clear and focused but after this most recent session, it feels like blue skies in all directions. I am amazed at the healing that has taken place in the last few weeks.  My communication has really opened up in a whole new way as a result of becoming aware of a couple of hugely limiting belief structures. You know those moments when you catch yourself and think, “Oh man, I am actually doing that.” Wow!  You are such a beautifully clear channel and all of the information that I have received from both of our teams continues to be incredibly healing and validating for me. What I love most about the sessions with you is that they always point me back in the direction of ME which has helped me to move energetic mountains. 

Oh, and my dog Dali is no longer limping and she has also been much more calm lately. Yay!

Many Thanks from both of us girls!

Light and Love,


Wellington, FL

-- Hilary from Florida USA

I had a session with Jill in May 2013. I have been struggling with the feeling of "not fitting in", "what's wrong with me?" all my life. Jill had such warm Mother Mary like energy. Her presence itself was healing to me. She has a way to articulate things clearly with so much love. I think I get it now. In my case, it's not about "what I have to do DO in life" but "how I would like to BE". Thank you for seeing who I really am, Jill. I really needed that. I highly recommend her session to anyone who's looking for guidance in life. I honor you, Jill!

- T from CA, USA

-- T from California

I have now listened to the session recording twice and realise that each time I 'remember' more about who I am and what I know that has been barely beneath the physical surface but a constant struggle to suppress.  You asked me about bleedthroughs and I now see that they've been a constant, but denied, experience. No wonder I've been exhausted!

I feel that this has been a time of enormous release, kicked along mightily by the work we did in that session which was so much more than words.

Much love,
J  - Australia ♡

-- J from Australia

I had my second session with the BEautiful BEing known as Jill .

I could hardly contain my excitement as we merged together during the call.

Jill has the most loving energy, we shared tears of joy and recognition, an amazing session of confirmations, new perspectives and so much insight and love.

I am soooooo grateful to have you in my life.


-- Lynn - France

Doing the online classes has given me much more clarity and understanding for the whole picture.  As always with me i wanted to jump straight in and choose whichever class number sounded the most interesting to me at the time :o! but i resisted the urge and took each class in order smile and I'm so pleased that I did because I hit each class at exactly the right time to cover questions and pondering's that had sprung up at that time.

The classes kept taking back to myself to trust in me!  Gradually helping me to build a bridge for me to access my higher self, they also made me realize where the best place was to find the answers to my questions!!! Some of the classes hit me like a hammer to the head smile i had some real light bulb moments when after listening to each class I realized how simple things can be that i had been so over complicating matters.

The last 3 classes really blew me away.  I listened with huge smiles especially to Number 9 wink i am feeling so much peace with the help of these classes and have learned to trust my inner knowing as well as understand this human life so much more than before smile I was sort of sad to get to the end of the classes!! xxxxx

Helen (UK)

-- Helen (UK)

Jill's work is a source of amazing information, inspiration, light, and love.  I am extremely blessed and honored to have had a private session with such a nurturing person who is truly in the flow with Sacred Oneness.  In her deeply insightful and always joyous way, she helped me get to the bottom of questions and concerns in my life.  With her unique and Divine perspective, she opened my heart and mind to an ability that has been the source of some difficulty for me.  She shared with me easy, practical actions to take in order to be a clear conduit for the ability that I am here to share. With her insight, I have had positive results and am not struggling, as I was previously.  Thank you, from my Soul, Jill for sharing All That You Are with Us!

-- Julie

Dear Jill,

Thank you so much for your e-mail of the session recording and our wonderful session!  Did I tell you, how much I love and honor you and your work? I will repeat it anyway:  I have always been looking for a way "back home" without really knowing what "home" meant for me. I have been on a constant search for decades. And it was not until I found you that I really knew what that search was all about. As soon as I heard your voice and your truth I began to remember... It may sound a bit dramatic, but in some way you saved my life. I am so grateful that you incarnated with us and help us find our way. Thank you!

Petra (Germany)

-- Petra (Germany)

Thank you Jill for this amazing 1:1 session with you. It was an honour and a real pleasure to share, exchange and discover with you and through you and your Team some invaluable information about my being on Earth, my Purpose and my Journey.This session fully covered all my questions and fully satisfied my curiosity. The session recording is really useful to listen and digest all the information as all of it can be overwhelming and very emotional => in a good way of course !  I am grateful I made the decision to do this 1:1 session with you and I feel blessed to have you and your Team as my guides.

with Love,
Arriane Eva Morrin
Transformational coach, owner & entrepreneur 
Aem Health and Fitness 
Aim for better Living 


-- Arriane (UK)

Jill is a very unique and beautiful soul.  I am so pleased to have found her!  For anyone looking for perspective or guidance, Jill's private sessions are so full of genuine love and nurturing light.  My session with Jill has helped me to refocus and understand my inner self so much better.  Jill's insights are quite amazing.  She has confirmed so much for me in this one session.  I am still feeling the inner tuning and sense of clarity!  I am so happy I decided to have the full 1 hour session with Jill and I really hope to meet up again.  Thank you so much Jill.  You are a truly amazing gift to all!
With huge amounts of love,
Helen (UK)

-- Helen (UK)

“I was caught up in my humanness because of an illness, that was taking so much time, that I had forgotten why I created it in the first place. I felt that I needed some help, and suddenly I was watching this video with a beautiful, smiling young woman talking about things I love in a very loving and honouring way. I knew that I had found someone worth listening to and trust so I decided to get an appointment with her and have one of the very few spiritual sessions in my life. Jill didn’t disappoint me either. She spoke my spiritual “language” as I am sure she does with all of those who look to her for assistance. She helped me unhook and begin to use the time on my hand as I had intended. I am so grateful for that.”

Sveinbjörg Eyvindsdóttir, psychiatric nurse and healer


-- Sveinbjörg Eyvindsdóttir (Iceland)

If you want Clarity on your Divine Purpose here on earth in 2013, with new 5D vocabulary and lots of humour then Jill is your Messenger !  Divine Purpose vs 3D reason and truth, Complementary Frequencies vs 3D notion of soul mates/twin flames ! These were the magical words I needed to answer all my unanswered questions - the only way now is forward as ONE ! Thank you from my heart to yours Jill I am so happy we have reconnected here ! Carole Schneider Switzerland

-- Carole Schneider (Switzerland)

Jill is a beautiful soul and has an extraordinary gift. My session with her was amazing, and I had some wonderful realizations! I highly recommend her services for anyone who is looking to get perspective on their life, and would like to shift their experience to a whole new level!

Mark Romero

-- Mark Romero Jan 2013


I'm Chris Lanston, a NYC makeup artist where all the lights camera action lifestyle exist.  I recently had a private session with this beautiful spirit, Ms Jill Renee Feeler.  I'm the kinda guy that needs a WOW for me at times and she did just that.... WOW.

Right away she told me she saw a rainbow fountain in my heart center.... I'm sure she did because I'm all about skittles where you can taste the rainbow.

I can always feel my guides but ive always wondered what they had to tell me and she definately told me....

I was completely satisfied with this session and i will be doing more and recommending more people to her also.

Thanks Jill for an amazing session....

Chris Lanston

-- Chris

I sought out Jill's assistance because I was drawn to her genuineness and joy that I felt while listening to her radio show. During my session with Jill she brought understanding, inspiration, new perspectives and encouragement to the situations I was struggling with. It was not just her message, the words, but her energy and way of being that helped me tap into memories and felt senses of who I really am. I love Jill's way of seeing the world and universe and I'm impressed with the width and depth of her understanding and knowledge. She took on and answered with heavenly assistance even the deeper existential questions I was pondering. Her joy and warmth is very infectious.

With love and appreciation,
you are a gift Jill,



-- Aarnie (Finland)

One and a half months ago, while preparing for my final exam, I was trying to find a good educational video about the action potential of neurons. I started a search on youtube using the key words “action potential animation” and, amazingly, one of your shared messages appeared in the results of my youtube search. So, I quite automatically clicked on it, expecting to see something about neurons …

I realized very quickly I tapped into something very different and, as I began to listen to you and your shared messages, something like scales fell from my eyes. Suddenly, I felt so overwhelmed with light, love and joy and began to resonate with everything you were sharing. Jill, thank you so much for helping me open my eyes! Since that moment my life has completely changed and I feel you led me into my awakening! 



-- D.S.

Thank you Jill for the wonderful presentation dvd 'The Platinum Age: Creating the New Earth' . This information is invaluable and needs to be shared far & wide within the Light Community. There is a gap that is so critical to the integration / transformation process that really needs to be shared with everybody. And I believe You and Your Team have addressed this so beautifully here and have bridged that gap. Thank you dearly for bringing forth so clearly and simplistically this level and depth of information onto the planet at this time. Everything that you reveal strikes a deep resonance within my entire being that is undeniable. I have been pulled out of my energy field and into the polarity game so many times that I have literally burned myself out and was about ready to 'throw in the towel' ! The view presented here not only gives one the 'Big Picture' but the 'Tools' necessary to re-member who and what we are and why we have embodied at this most auspicious time. It gives one hope. It gives one direction. And re-kindles this deep connection we all have with the Divine. A million thank you's Jill for sharing of yourself so personably, openly, candidly, and most authentically ! You are dearly loved beyond words ! With palms joined on behalf of Me and My Team ~ Namaste

-- Ronalo’s testimonial of the documentary “The Platinum Age: Creating the New Earth”

"Today is one of my happiest days! I finished your 10 part course and was INCREDIBLE. Walking around today I felt so light that I thought I might lift off the ground smile I felt expanded in the best possible way, and also felt that the end of the course was only the beginning of something else amazing.

Everything you shared was so relevant and magical and exciting. Thank you Jill! I felt I could relate in many ways to your experiences, and was further able to identify how I want to 'be' while listening to your loving, non-judgemental message.

Even though you released this course a year ago the message was bang on for me. There were soooo many synchronicities throughout my course journey (which kept me way too excited), along with many highs and (healthy) lows to absorb the information. I could feel my mind, body and soul busting into new levels of possibilites!

Thank you for all the learning I was able to do. This was invaluable for me. I feel as though I've been searching for this type of message for a very LONG time smile You truly are a Beacon! A really pretty one."

- Annie F.smile British Columbia

-- Annie F’s input on On Line Classes

"Ahhhh......I don't know where to start. I Just completed the 1st Session of the 'Online Classes' and I am completely moved and shaken to the core.  The profound Truths and Insights conveyed beautifully and fully by Jill from a view no less than 'The Best Seat in the HOUSE' are absolutely mind blowing.....I laughed, cried, was in awe, shocked, felt regret in my ignorance, admiration, and humbled.........as my heart was singing the whole time with the utmost joy and honor!

Thank you Jill for all the roles you play and have played. For the deep heartfelt dedication You and Your Team have put into this series. Nothing short of miraculous! You are truly a beautiful Soul!!

This is exactly what I was so desperately seeking! Looking no further, I feel this series will help me to actively co-create and share my part of Home with all of Humanity from a place of grace, understanding, and patience centered deep within my heart.........

With palms joined on behalf of Me and My Team~Namaste"

-- Ronalo’s testimonial of online classes

Hi Jill! I just completed your online classes and "WOW" seems to be all I can say. Words seems so inadequate but hopefully you can feel at a soul level what it meant to me. I asked for assistance in determining when I should listen to each one and each was truly divinely timed. It was as if the message was meant just for me and what I was experiencing at that time. You held the door open for me until I had the courage and/or ability to turn the door knob and peak inside myself...literally inside myself. I trust the door will be flung open wide and I will have a broader, more expansive view soon. There is no going back! THANK YOU With much love and many blessings, Sharon

-- Sharon’s feedback on the Online Classes

You may not know this, but Jill does. I am learning to dance with my GREATness, my AMAZingness, my BEAUTY. I have no idea of the connections that led me to Jill's web site. I can still feel them there and hold such gratitude for them. They are the strands of ME remembering how to LOVE ME. Jill does a weekly radio program and mini releases along the way that she gives freely from her heart. These programs are jewels that you get to hold and learn with her. I chose to have a session with Jill when I felt like I had found a wall. It felt like my team had taken a step back from me. I was getting messages about my Higher Self that I found confusing. I needed just a touch - just an affirmation - that I hadn't fallen off course. Of course, I hadn't. You may know that feeling. The time I spent with Jill and our teams was intense. She has such focus. I had made my list of questions ahead of time. And click, click, click we went through them without me voicing a single one. I got exactly what I needed and more - so much more. I so appreciate the balance that Jill is finding to shine her Light and to help us shine our Light. Melissa D - Colorado, USA

-- Melissa

Jill's gift among her many gifts is the pure joy with which she approaches everything. I have at times been moved to take readings and they were all fine and useful. My intuition has always help me find the right people when seeking guidance. Jill's complete love of what is unfolding in her own life is apparent in all she does and in all she shares. Her sessions are no exception. Her information was highly illuminating as it related to the various subjects we discussed about my life but the elevating energy behind each spoken word possessed such heart! I felt inspired to fall in  love with my life and deeply honored to discover my reason for being here at this incredible time. Her answers were delivered quickly and it was fun to participate in the process of discovery as she enthusiastically interacted with her "team" and mine. A simple discussion of my contracts gently guided me towards realizing why my various relationships have manifested in the way they have? As other aspects of my life surfaced, a rich texture of my Divine Totality emerged leaving me with an incredibly uplifted sense of appreciation and gratitude for the choices I have made, the lessons I have learned and the reasons I am here! Would I recommend a session with Jill Renee Feeler? YES! ...and in the same heartfelt manner Jill herself joyfully expresses as she works with you and your team in order to help you understand YOU!

Craig M.

-- Craig M

"Jill is an essential connection for anyone looking to understand themselves, their soul purpose and their Divine Self better. She tapped into exactly what I needed to hear at the very beginning of our session, provided amazing insights into every question I asked, and allowed me to rest more fully into my own knowing-ness as a Soul. She is a rare master guide who is devoted to honoring one's ability to choose what is best for their growth. She is affirming, encouraging and so wise. In case you couldn't tell by these words... I simply adore her."

~Molly M.

-- Molly M.

"I always felt so fortunate to have taken channeling classes for 11 years with one of the first teachers of channeling in the United States.  It was a life-changing experience for me.  Imagine my delight when I found Jill Renee, one of the best channels I have ever encountered.  Don’t miss a chance to be enlightened by one of her readings ."

-- Rosemary Sneeringer

"Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!  Your reading helped me transform my life and my situation with my partner. 

I am still SO amazed at how everything, and I mean everything, (not just my outlook) has changed -- and for the positive!!! 

I am so blessed to have you in my life and I am so looking forward to seeing you again!!!"

-- Judy

Jill, you are a loving and gentle teacher.  You have shared truth and insights that have helped me to understand who I am and how to improve myself more.  

After meeting you, I felt as though I was led into an awakening.  I am lighter, happier, and more engaged in life.  I have reached out to people in my past that I wrote off.  I have forgiven and received peace in return.  There is a newness to my life that you facilitated.  I am loving more fully, and I have a new wave of consciousness that I am shifting towards.    Thank you so much for helping me gain insight and awareness of things that I didn't even realize were available to me before.  You are a a gift to me and others that have the pleasure of interacting with you.  Thank you for sharing yourself and your spiritual gift, and improving my life.

-- N.K.

Jill possesses a truly impressive ability to communicate with the Divine and other divinely-inspired light entities that reside in the astral realms.  She uses her gift, ever responsibly, to impart their brilliant wisdom to those of us on the physical plane who have yet to actualize our own innate capacity to do so for ourselves.  Her delivery of such wisdom is always articulate, sensitive and impartial.  Jill acknowledges fully that she is but a mortal messenger of divine messages.  She does not conjecture, surmise, interpret or psychoanalyze as that is not her place, right or purpose. Her sole intention in her work is to disclose as frankly and accurately as possible insight from Source to assist us on our sometimes challenging earth-bound journeys.  She does so with the utmost humility and grace.

-- Julie